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DrJava is a pedagogic programming environment for Java that enables students to focus on designing programs, rather than learning how to use the environment. The environment provides a simple interface based on a "read-eval-print loop" that enables a programmer to develop, test, and debug Java programs in an interactive, incremental fashion. This paper(More)
We describe an efficient compiler and run-time system for NextGen, a compatible extension of the Java programming language supporting run-time generic types designed by Cartwright and Steele. The resulting system is comparable in performance with both standard Java and the GJ extension of Java, which does not support run-time generic types. Our(More)
This thesis describes extensions to the DrJava development environment that make it suitable for production programming. DrJava is an effective tool for teaching introductory programming skills in Java, and its simplicity is a desirable characteristic for projects of any size. To better support the development of large projects in DrJava, a carefully(More)
Former Sid secretaries Patrick B. Murphy and Vinay Kini are back at Rice this semester after their suspension was reversed on appeal. The two sophomores were sentenced to suspension at the end of last semester after they were found in violation of Rice's sexual harassment policy for material they wrote in the Oct. 24 Sid Richardson College Council minutes.(More)
Most graduating seniors are fairly sure they will receive a degree at Rice's May 12 commencement. Who will speak at the event, however, remains up in the air. The 2001 Commencement Speaker Committee will meet in the next week to discuss additional possibilities for this year's speaker. For various reasons, none of the eight candidates who were approached(More)
Former Sid secretaries Patrick B. Murphy and Vinay Kini were sentenced to one semester of suspension in connection with the Oct. 24 Sid Richardson College Council minutes. Kini declined to comment on the case, but Murphy said he spoke on Kini's behalf. Murphy and Kini are planning to appeal to President Malcolm Gillis, Murphy said. Normally such an appeal(More)
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