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Bragg coherent x-ray diffractive imaging is a powerful technique for investigating dynamic nanoscale processes in nanoparticles immersed in reactive, realistic environments. Its temporal resolution is limited, however, by the oversampling requirements of 3D phase retrieval. Here we show that incorporating the entire measurement time series, which is(More)
Spokesperson: Brian Stephenson, Senior Scientist, Materials Science Div., Argonne National Laboratory 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne IL 60439, (617) 252-3214, fax (617) 252-7777, Team Members: Sean Brennan, Staff Scientist, SSRL, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Steve Dierker, Director, NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory Eric Dufresne,(More)
We investigated the behavior of speckle contrast and size under various experimental conditions using 1.82 keV x-rays. In this paper, we report the comparison of lwo different setups for x-ray speckle experiments: one employing a focusing zone plate and one in which a pinhole selects the size of the coherent x-ray beam. We found a strong dependence of the(More)
DIRECT PHOTOCATALYTIC SPLITTING WATER TO HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN HAS BEEN THE SUBject of thousands of papers over the past four decades, with many optimistic promises. In his Perspective “A nickel fi nish protects silicon photoanodes for water splitting” (15 November 2013, p. 811), J. A. Turner highlights progress in fi nding a stable electrode. It’s(More)
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