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Scalability determines the potential in distributing h&h rlata anrl rnmnrlt,af.inn in cln.+n. mining. “.,“.I . . ..Avw -_..a “.,--I..v-“e-^--2-----o. The PADMA (PArallel Data Mining Agents) architecture will be described, along with experiments on text to address scalability. PADMA agents offer parallel data access, and hierarchical clustering, with results(More)
Food-storing birds use spatial memory to find previously cached food items. Throughout winter, pinyon jays (Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus) rely heavily on cached pinyon pine (Pinus edulis) seeds. Because of a recent severe drought, pinyon pine trees had not produced a significant seed crop for several years. Therefore, 1and 2-yr-old birds never had the(More)
This paper rst presents an extended perspective of linkage using basic concepts de-and identiies detection of \appropriate" patterns or relations among the search space members as the fundamental and broader objective of linkage learning. It then explores the computational role of gene-expression (DNA!RNA!Protein transformations) in evolutionary search for(More)
Using Software Agents Hillol Kargupta, Brian Sta ord, and Ilker Hamzaoglu Computational Science Methods Group X Division, Los Alamos National Laboratory P.O. Box 1663, MS F645, Los Alamos, NM, 87545 This paper describes an experimental parallel/distributed data mining system PADMA (PArallel Data Mining Agents) that uses software agents for local data(More)
We started with a medium throughput screen of heterocyclic compounds without basic amine groups to avoid hERG and β-blocker activity and identified [1,2,4]triazolo[4,3-a]pyridine as an early lead. Optimization of substituents for Late INa current inhibition and lack of Peak INa inhibition led to the discovery of 4h (GS-458967) with improved anti-arrhythmic(More)
Previously we disclosed the discovery of potent Late INa current inhibitor 2 (GS-458967, IC50 of 333nM) that has a good separation of late versus peak Nav1.5 current, but did not have a favorable CNS safety window due to high brain penetration (3-fold higher partitioning into brain vs plasma) coupled with potent inhibition of brain sodium channel isoforms(More)
Dog bite injuries in children are a preventable health problem. To characterize this type of injury, we have undertaken to define demographic criteria and patterns of injury inflicted by dogs in our pediatric population. A retrospective chart review was conducted of pediatric patients with dog bite injuries admitted to a Level I pediatric trauma center from(More)
Today, across a wide variety of areas, huge datasets are being collected and accumulated at a very high pace. The datasets addressed by individual applications are very often heterogeneous and geographically distributed, and are used by the communities of 2users, which are often large and also geographically scattered. Major challenges are involved in the(More)
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