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Systematic research and practice guidelines addressing preschool psychopharmacological treatment in very young children are limited, despite evidence of increasing clinical use of medications in this population. The Preschool Psychopharmacology Working Group (PPWG) was developed to review existing literature relevant to preschool psychopharmacology(More)
Twenty-one patients with nonresectable refractory meningiomas were registered on a study giving tamoxifen 40 mg per M2 b.i.d. for four days, then 10 mg b.i.d. thereafter. Nineteen were eligible and evaluated for response. One patient (5%) achieved an MRI-documented partial response while two had a minor response measured on CT scan which was of short(More)
This paper describes an experimental paral-lel/distributed data mining system PADMA (PArallel Data Mining Agents) that uses software agents for local data accessing and analysis and a web based interface for interactive data visualization. It also presents the results of applying PADMA for detecting patterns in unstructured texts of postmortem reports and(More)
The U.S. Secret Service has a long tradition of protecting our nation's leaders. We invest significant resources into our protective mission. A key component of protection involves threat assessment: efforts to identify, assess, and manage persons who might pose a threat of violence to our protectees. In the last few years, the Secret Service has completed(More)
Chronic prenatal stress contributes to poor birth outcomes for women and infants. Importantly, poor birth outcomes are most common among minority and low income women. To investigate underlying mechanisms, we tested the hypothesis that chronic stress related to minority or low income status is associated with glucocorticoid resistance as indicated by(More)
This paper rst presents an extended perspective of linkage using basic concepts de-and identiies detection of \appropriate" patterns or relations among the search space members as the fundamental and broader objective of linkage learning. It then explores the computational role of gene-expression (DNA!RNA!Protein transformations) in evolutionary search for(More)
The National Center for Infant and Early Childhood Health Policy supports the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the State Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative by synthesizing the policy relevance of important and emerging early childhood health issues, conducting policy analysis on systems-building and programmatic issues, and(More)
Today, across a wide variety of areas, huge datasets are being collected and accumulated at a very high pace. The datasets addressed by individual applications are very often heterogeneous and geographically distributed, and are used by the communities of 2users, which are often large and also geographically scattered. Major challenges are involved in the(More)