Brian Sen

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Perceptual mapping is widely used in marketing to analyze market structure, design new products, end develop advertising strategies. This article presents theoretical arguments and empirical evidence which suggest that factor analysis is superior to discriminant analysis and similarity scaling with respect to predictive ability, managerial interpretability,(More)
Engrailed 2 (EN2) is a homeobox transcription factor involved in the patterning of cerebellum during brain development. Linkage analysis and studies on knockout mice support EN2, located on chromosome 7q36.3, as a potential risk locus for autism. Candidate gene approach also suggested association of EN2 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in various(More)
Two shorter versions of the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) viz. GHQ-36 physical illness items removed (GHQ-36-P) and GHQ-12 were validated in the psychiatric OPD of a teaching hospital in Calcutta among known patients and controls. It was found that a higher cut-off point than that originally recommended yielded satisfactory validation indices for both(More)
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