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We describe a computer simulation of atmospheric and target effects on the accuracy of range measurements using pulsed laser radars with p-i-n or avalanche photodiodes for direct detection. The computer simulation produces simulated images as a function of a wide variety of atmospheric, target, and sensor parameters for laser radars with range accuracies(More)
NEW APL SYSTEM is now being offered to the public, and it comes from what is perhaps an unexpected! source: the financial services firm of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. The A+ language has enjoyed widespread usage within MSDW for the past ten years, and is now being made available free of charge. This is the latest available release of A+ Version 4, and(More)
The mass spectrum of a lipolytic substance from purified sheep midbrain extract indicated that it was isoprenaline, not N-n-propylnoradrenaline, noradrenaline or adrenaline. The identification of the lipid-mobilizing factor as isoprenaline was confirmed qualitatively by t.l.c. and g.l.c. and quantitatively by determination of its lipolytic activity and u.v.(More)
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