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• We have discussed the basic issues of dependable systems before. • Now we will focus more on survivability-related issues of the aforementioned paper • Most of the material is directly taken from the paper and (to avoid visual clutter) will not be explicitly cited! BASICS
This paper surveys the various problems involved in achieving very high rehability from complex computing systems, and discusses the relatmnship between system structurmg techniques and techniques of fault tolerance. Topics covered mclude: 1) protective redundancy in hardware and software; 2) the use of atomic actmns to structure the activity of a system to(More)
We address the problem of how to handle exceptions in distributed object-oriented systems. In a distributed computing environment exceptions may be raised simultaneously and thus need to be treated in a coordinated manner. We take two kinds of concurrency into account: 1) several objects are designed collectively and invoked concurrently to achieve a global(More)
Exception handling in distributed and concurrent programs is a difficult task though it is often necessary. In many cases traditional mechanisms for sequential programs are no longer appropriate. One major difficulty is that the process of handling an exception may need to involve multiple concurrent components when they are cooperating to solve a global(More)