Brian Ramsay

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13 women admitted consecutively in preterm labour were recruited to an observational study of the effect of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) patches on uterine contractions and prolongation of pregnancy. All twenty episodes of preterm labour (at 23-33 weeks' gestation) responded. 1 patient delivered because of cervical incompetence despite cessation of uterine(More)
This paper introduces a new technique for feature selection and illustrates it on a real data set. Namely, the proposed approach creates subsets of attributes based on two criteria: (1) individual attributes have high discrimination (classification) power; and (2) the attributes in the subset are complementary that is, they misclassify different classes.(More)
Decision tree is a dominating method of pattern classification. These trees amongst the machine learning techniques have an aptitude to handle and construe logical rules of classification. The general Decision trees face the problem on deciding boundaries in classification. A fuzzy supervised learning in Quest (SLIQ) decision tree (FS-DT) algorithm aimed at(More)
(2010). Individual differences in auditory sentence comprehension in children: An exploratory event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation. Brain and Language, 114(2), 72-79.
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