Brian R. Wolfe

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UNLABELLED The Nucleic Acid Package (NUPACK) is a growing software suite for the analysis and design of nucleic acid systems. The NUPACK web server ( currently enables: ANALYSIS thermodynamic analysis of dilute solutions of interacting nucleic acid strands. DESIGN sequence design for complexes of nucleic acid strands intended to(More)
We describe an algorithm for designing the sequence of one or more interacting nucleic acid strands intended to adopt a target secondary structure at equilibrium. Sequence design is formulated as an optimization problem with the goal of reducing the ensemble defect below a user-specified stop condition. For a candidate sequence and a given target secondary(More)
We describe an algorithm for designing the equilibrium base-pairing properties of a test tube of interacting nucleic acid strands. A target test tube is specified as a set of desired "on-target" complexes, each with a target secondary structure and target concentration, and a set of undesired "off-target" complexes, each with vanishing target concentration.(More)
We describe a framework for designing the sequences of multiple nucleic acid strands intended to hybridize in solution via a prescribed reaction pathway. Sequence design is formulated as a multistate optimization problem using a set of target test tubes to represent reactant, intermediate, and product states of the system, as well as to model crosstalk(More)
The effect of hyperoxia on lactate production and release and the mitochondrial NAD+-to-NADH ratio was studied in the in situ canine gastrocnemius to determine whether elevated PO2 altered metabolic regulation. Dogs breathed either air (21% O2) [arterial O2 partial pressure (PaO2) 90 mmHg; n = 8] or hyperoxia (100% O2) (PaO2 546 mmHg; n = 8). The left(More)
Does the stimulatory effect of circulating catecholamines counteract the inhibitory effect of acidosis on skeletal muscle metabolism? To investigate this possibility, we studied gastrocnemii in dogs breathing either air (n = 10) or 4% carbon dioxide in air (n = 10) at rest and during contractions. In five dogs from each group, we infused propranolol into(More)
The influence of repeated sampling by the biopsy technique on skeletal muscle's metabolic and force-output responses was studied using the in situ canine gastrocnemius preparation. The left muscle was stimulated (8 V, 0.2 ms) for 1 h at 3 Hz. In the biopsy series (n = 9) muscle samples were taken at rest, and at 0.5, 2, 5, 15, 30, 45, and 60 min of(More)
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