Brian R. Smith

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BACKGROUND Obesity has been linked with a chronic state of inflammation which may be involved in the development of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and even cancer. The objective of this study was to examine the association between obesity class and levels of inflammatory biomarkers from men and women who(More)
To extend a study conducted by E. M. Brannon and H. S. Terrace (1998, 2000), the authors trained 1 hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas) and 1 squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus) to respond to stimuli representing the numerosities 1-4 in ascending order. When tested with novel stimuli of the same numerosities, both subjects' performance appeared to be based on(More)
This article presents the proceedings of a symposium at the 2001 RSA Meeting in Montreal, Canada. The organizers and chairs were William J. McBride and Ting-Kai Li. The presentations were (1) Metabolism of ethanol in the brain and the behavioral consequences, by Richard A. Deitrich and Sergey Zimatkin; (2) Catalase production of acetaldehyde as a possible(More)
The telemedicine intervention in chronic disease management promises to involve patients in their own care, provides continuous monitoring by their healthcare providers, identifies early symptoms, and responds promptly to exacerbations in their illnesses. This review set out to establish the evidence from the available literature on the impact of(More)
We describe a case of a 63-year-old male with complicated Bouveret's syndrome, both in its presentation and in its management. Bouveret's syndrome is a rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction resulting from mechanical obstruction from gallstones at the pyloroduodenal segment. As Bouveret's syndrome can be a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for(More)
To make accurate assessments about their environment, animals must integrate a variety of sensory cues into a single unified percept. The effects of redundant multimodal signaling may be equivalent to the responses elicited by each individual cue, or enhanced when cues are combined. Binding of two seemingly coupled cues can persist despite small spatial and(More)
BACKGROUND Overexpression of cyclin D1 mRNA, found in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), is a critical diagnostic marker. We investigated the use of real-time reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) for cyclin D1. METHODS We studied 97 fresh specimens (50 blood, 30 bone marrow, 15 lymph node, and 2 other samples) from patients diagnosed with a variety of(More)
The current study was designed to investigate whether ethanol shares stimulus properties with acetaldehyde with the use of a discriminative taste aversion procedure. Animals were trained to discriminate a dose of acetaldehyde (0.2 or 0.3 g/kg, i.p.) from saline in eight consecutive cycles consisting of a pairing day (PD) and three nonpairing days (NPDs). On(More)
In addition to the neurochemical and genetic basis of high ethanol consumption, there has been renewed interest in studying the role of behavioral variables and their relation to ethanol consumption. The present study was designed to assess whether a relation exists between a behavioral variable such as maze learning ability and ethanol consumption. Sixty,(More)