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This letter presents the design and potential impact of the developed Research Oriented Underwater Glider for Hands-on Investigative Engineering (ROUGHIE). The ROUGHIE is an open-source, highly maneuverable, and low-cost vehicle that enables rapid development and testing of new hardware and software. ROUGHIE is an internally actuated glider capable of(More)
This paper presents a novel roll mechanism and an efficient control strategy for the roll and pitch of internally actuated autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) including most underwater gliders (UGs). The proposed design and approach increases maneuverability which is essential for operating in shallow water or crowded harbors. The design is implemented on(More)
The use of human-interactive robots in industry and daily life has become more prevalent throughout society as more people are using collaborative, and assistive robots to accomplish a task. To demonstrate the utility and importance of assistive robots to middle school students, a unique educational platform called Neu-pulator (neurally-controlled(More)
This paper describes the details of a theme-based and hands-on STEM learning program utilizing an underwater robot called GUPPIE. Glider for Underwater Problem-solving and Promotion of Interest in Engineering (GUPPIE) is an example of a robot with oceanographic and environmental monitoring application. GUPPIE helps students to learn about fundamentals of(More)
This work presents the lessons learned and critical updates to the Research Oriented Underwater Glider for Hands-on Investigative Engineering (ROUGHIE). The open water testing experience with the original ROUGHIE provides key insight to design and operation of small scale autonomous underwater vehicles. This paper is organized to share necessary(More)
With the increased influence of automation into every part of our lives, tomorrow's engineers must be capable working with autonomous systems. The explosion of automation and robotics has created a need for a massive increase in engineers who possess the skills necessary to work with twenty-first century systems. Autonomous Systems (MEEM4707) is a new(More)
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