Brian R. Mullen

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High concentrations of neutrophil defensins from airway and blood have been reported in patients with inflammatory lung diseases, but their exact role is unclear. We investigated the direct effect of defensins on the lungs of mice. Intratracheal instillation of purified defensins (5-30 mg/kg) induced a progressive reduction in peripheral arterial O(2)(More)
Genetic and environmental factors are both likely to contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASDs (autism spectrum disorders). In this study, we examined the combinatorial effect of two factors thought to be involved in autism--reduction in the expression of the extracellular matrix protein reelin and prenatal exposure to an organophosphate(More)
The effect of subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) on the neuropeptides and mast cells of the rat dura mater has not been reported. We examined the outcome of SAH on the rat supratentorial dura mater to determine whether dural nerves undergo effects similar to those of nerves accompanying cerebral blood vessels after SAH. Following the injection of fresh(More)
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