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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a once-monthly intramuscular (IM) depot formulation of the dopamine partial agonist aripiprazole as maintenance treatment in adults meeting DSM-IV-TR schizophrenia criteria. METHOD The study was conducted from July 2008 until February 2011. Subjects requiring chronic treatment with an antipsychotic(More)
Although the caste concept has been central to our understanding of the organization of work in social insect colonies, the concept has been the subject of considerable recent criticism. Theoretically, it has been suggested that temporal castes are too inflexible to allow a colony to rapidly reallocate labour in response to changing conditions. In addition,(More)
Central to the question of task allocation in social insects is how workers acquire information. Patrolling is a curious behavior in which bees meander over the face of the comb inspecting cells. Several authors have suggested it allows bees to collect global information, but this has never been formally evaluated. This study explores this hypothesis by(More)
MHC haplotypes were determined for 52 patients with ragweed pollen allergy, with and without asthma, and 27 non-atopic controls. Total IgE levels were unimodally distributed in all study groups and were higher in atopic patients in general compared with non-atopics. There was no difference in total IgE levels in patients with rhinitis only compared with(More)
We report the draft genome sequence of the red harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex barbatus. The genome was sequenced using 454 pyrosequencing, and the current assembly and annotation were completed in less than 1 y. Analyses of conserved gene groups (more than 1,200 manually annotated genes to date) suggest a high-quality assembly and annotation comparable to(More)
BACKGROUND Long-acting injectable formulations of antipsychotics are treatment alternatives to oral agents. AIMS To assess the efficacy of aripiprazole once-monthly compared with oral aripiprazole for maintenance treatment of schizophrenia. METHOD A 38-week, double-blind, active-controlled, non-inferiority study; randomisation (2:2:1) to aripiprazole(More)
Our understanding of insect societies is rapidly expanding due to an emphasis on integrative approaches. Emerging tools enabling the molecular dissection of social behavior, together with novel hypotheses for the evolution of eusociality, are emblematic of this progress. However, an obstacle to a truly integrative approach remains, as social physiology--the(More)
Eusocial behavior has arisen in few animal groups, most notably in the aculeate Hymenoptera, a clade comprising ants, bees, and stinging wasps [1-4]. Phylogeny is crucial to understanding the evolution of the salient features of these insects, including eusociality [5]. Yet the phylogenetic relationships among the major lineages of aculeate Hymenoptera(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare hospitalization rates in patients with schizophrenia treated prospectively with aripiprazole once-monthly 400 mg (AOM 400; an extended-release injectable suspension) vs the same patients' retrospective rates with their prior oral anti-psychotic therapy. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Multi-center, open-label, mirror-image, naturalistic(More)