Brian R. Huguenard

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This article investigates working-memory (WM) failure in phone-based interaction (PBI). We used a computational model of phone-based interaction (PBI USER) to generate predictions about the impact of three factors on WM failure:PBI features (i.e. menu structure), individual differences (i.e., WM capacity), and task characteristics (i.e., number of tasks).(More)
In this study a model of information systems (IS) career choice satisfaction that included both personal and situational factors was empirically tested. The results indicate that IS professionals who work for consulting firms are more satisfied with their choice of careers than those who work for non-consulting firms. This difference is particularly(More)
Scheduling complex tasks is a difficult and ill-structured problem. Totally automated solutions to certain scheduling problems have certainly been achieved; however, other types of scheduling tasks do not yield easily to traditional solution methods. The latter tasks often involve both quantitative and qualitative constraints as well as changing preferences(More)
Human expertise is a critical resource and will become increasingly so as society's tools and techniques for acquisition, creation, distribution, control, and management of information become more knowledge intensive. One claim, echoed by developers of expert systems, is that human expertise is <i>fragile</i> -- changes in the problem or problem context may(More)
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