Brian R. Evans

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This report of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges' 2006 Foresight Project, developed under the leadership of an AAVMC Steering Committee, drew on the experience, imagination, and energetic participation of more than 95 participants from across the United States and Canada. The environment of veterinary medicine is one of profound(More)
Some next generation computing devices may consist of resistive memory arranged as a crossbar. Currently, the dominant approach is to use crossbars as the weight matrix of a neural network, and to use learning algorithms that require small incremental weight updates, such as gradient descent (for example Backpropagation). Using real-world measurements, we(More)
Proper nutrition, adequate amounts of physical activity, and sufficient amounts of sleep are three important variables for healthy children. Alternative certification teachers quickly enter the classroom at the beginning of their programs and may encounter disengaged students who lack the energy needed for quality learning and achievement. Commonly,(More)
1 Readers are free to copy, display, and distribute this article, as long as the work is attributed to the author(s) and Mathematics Teaching-Research Journal On-Line, it is distributed for non-commercial purposes only, and no alteration or transformation is made in the work. All other uses must be approved by the author(s) or MT-RJoL. MT-RJoL is published(More)
Providing students in urban settings with quality teachers is important for student achievement. This study examined the differences in content knowledge, attitudes toward mathematics, and teacher efficacy among several different types of alternatively certified teachers in a sample from the New York City Teaching Fellows program in order to determine(More)
This unusual issue of MTRJ brings together a workshop in the craft of teaching-research. How to do it? – is the theme of this issue which includes several collected examples of TR activity. Each submission to this issue has two parts, the theoretical or descriptive part, and the corresponding set of examples, tasks or instructional sequences. The text of(More)
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