Brian R. Becker

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This paper presents a technique for specifying and reasoning about the operational semantics of distributed programming languages. We formalize the concept of \vertical stacking" of distributed systems, an extension of Joyce's, Windley's and Curzon's stacking methodologies for sequential systems and of the CLI \short stack" which stacks interpreters for(More)
A compositional proof method allows the components of a system to be speciied and veriied independently, instead of having to verify the entire system as a monolithic unit. This paper describes how the composition principle of Abadi and Lamport can be applied to specify and compose systems that consist of both safety and progress properties, using the HOL(More)
This paper presents a technique for the veric ation of \full" distributed computing systems, building on the CLI stack which addr essesverication of a lay-ered s e quential system. This pap er also presents the applic ationof our technique to the verication of a distributed system of three layers: a small high-level distributed p r ogramming language(More)
This paper presents a layered veriication technique, called LVT, for the veriication of distributed computing systems with multiple component layers. Each lower layer in such a system provides services in support of functionality of the higher layer. By taking a very general view of programming languages as interfaces of systems, LVT treats each layer in a(More)
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