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As sensor mobility becomes more and more universal, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) configurations that utilize such mobility will become the norm. We consider the problem of maximizing the lifetime of a wireless connection between a transmitter and a receiver using mobile relays. Initially, all relays are positioned arbitrarily on the line between the(More)
We extend the task-based empirical framework used in the job polarization literature to analyze the susceptibility of low-wage employment to technological substitution. We find that increases in the cost of low-wage labor (via minimum wage hikes) lead to relative employment declines at cognitively routine occupations but not manually-routine or non-routine(More)
The authors would like to thank the National Institutes of Health under R01 HD 27248 for partial support of this project. We also thank seminar participants at IZA and the SOLE sessions at the Midwest Economic Association Annual Conference for helpful feedback. All errors are our own. 2 Abstract Welfare Rules, Incentives, and Family Structure In this study(More)
This thesis explores the timing and returns of eight types of real estate investors between 2000 and 2006. The investor types considered are 1) private local, 2) private national, 3) institutional, 4) public REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), 5) foreign, 6) user/other, 7) syndicator and 8) condo converter. Observing over 41,000 transactions and using the(More)
Im mp pa ac ct t o of f S Se ea at te ed d a an nd d S St ta an nd di in ng g B Bi ic cy yc cl le e R Ri id di in ng g P Po os si it ti io on n o on n S Su ub bs se eq qu ue en nt t R Ru un nn ni in ng g P Pe er rf fo or rm ma an nc ce e ABSTRACT Int J Exerc Sci 1(4) : 177-187, 2008. This study examined the effects of cycling posture on subsequent running(More)
A program run by Community-Based Family Planning Services in rural Banglamoong, Thailand, is completing its first year of family planning efforts with considerable success. Under the program, district leaders such as the police chief, doctor, school prinicipal and pharmacist, are approached and asked to recommend village inhabitants to serve as(More)
In this thesis I examine the existence of seasonality in quarterly transaction volume and capital returns in commercial real estate markets from 1984 to 2005, based on MIT's Transaction-Based Index. Evidence is provided that (1) transaction volume distributions in fourth quarter and capital returns distributions on all properties in third quarter have large(More)
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