Brian Peterson

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The benefits of virtualized IT environments, such as compute clouds, have drawn interested enterprises to migrate their applications onto new platforms to gain the advantages of reduced hardware and energy costs, increased flexibility and deployment speed, and reduced management complexity. However, the process of migrating a complex application takes a(More)
Recognizing naturally occurring objects has been a difficult task in computer vision. One of the keys to recognizing objects is the development of a suitable model. One type of model, the frat-tal, has been used successfully to model complex Fractals have also been used in computer vision , although not as widely, to model and recognize natural scenes [5,(More)
This paper describes the results of a feasibility study which focused on deriving semantic networks from descriptive texts using controlled language. The KANT system 3, 6] was used to analyze input paragraphs, producing sentence-level interlingua representations. The in-terlinguas were merged to construct a paragraph-level representation, which was used to(More)
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