Brian Peterson

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We develop a closed economy model to study the interactions among sovereign risk premia, fiscal limits, and fiscal policy. The stochastic fiscal limit, which measures the ability and willingness of the government to service its debt, arises endogenously from dynamic Laffer curve. The distribution of fiscal limits is country-specific, depending on the size(More)
Gaucher disease, the most common lysosomal storage disease, can be treated with enzyme replacement therapy (ERT), in which defective acid-beta-glucosidase (GlcCerase) is supplemented by a recombinant, active enzyme. The X-ray structures of recombinant GlcCerase produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells (imiglucerase, Cerezyme) and in transgenic carrot cells(More)
U8 snoRNP is required for accumulation of mature 5.8S and 28S rRNA in vertebrates. We are identifying proteins that bind U8 RNA with high specificity to understand how U8 functions in ribosome biogenesis. Here, we characterize a Xenopus 29 kDa protein (X29), which we previously showed binds U8 RNA with high affinity. X29 and putative homologs in other(More)
The benefits of virtualized IT environments, such as compute clouds, have drawn interested enterprises to migrate their applications onto new platforms to gain the advantages of reduced hardware and energy costs, increased flexibility and deployment speed, and reduced management complexity. However, the process of migrating a complex application takes a(More)
The steady drumbeat of Cloud as a disruptive influence for Infrastructure Service Providers (ISP’s) and the enablement vehicle for Software As A Service (SAAS)providers can be heard loud and clear in the industry today. In fact, Cloud is probably at the peak of the hype curve, and already there are identified challenges associated with effective(More)
The SAR of a series of tri-substituted thiophene JNK3 inhibitors is described. By optimizing both the N-aryl acetamide region of the inhibitor and the 4-position of the thiophene we obtained single digit nanomolar compounds, such as 47, which demonstrated an in vivo effect on JNK activity when dosed orally in our kainic acid mouse model as measured by(More)
This paper examines optimal monetary policy in a New Keynesian model where the relative price of oil is affected by exogenous supply shocks and a productivity-driven demand shock. When wages are flexible, stabilizing core inflation is optimal and the nominal rate rises (falls) in response to a demand (supply) shock. When both prices and wages are sticky,(More)
Herein, we describe our strategy to design metabolically stable γ-secretase inhibitors which are selective for inhibition of Aβ generation over Notch. We highlight our synthetic strategy to incorporate diversity and chirality. Compounds 30 (ELND006) and 34 (ELND007) both entered human clinical trials. The in vitro and in vivo characteristics for these two(More)
In this Letter, we describe our efforts to design HEA BACE-1 inhibitors that are highly permeable coupled with negligible levels of permeability-glycoprotein activity. These efforts culminate in producing 16 which lowers Αβ by 28% and 32% in the cortex and CSF, respectively, in the preclinical wild type Hartley guinea pig animal model when dosed orally at(More)
A position sensitive radiation sensor was modeled, developed and fabricated then interfaced with a field programmable gate array (FPGA) to create a radiation hardened computing platform. The system exploits environmental information from the sensor in order to determine regions within the FPGA that may have been affected by radiation. The spatial radiation(More)