Brian P. Tandy

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The effect of hypothalamic deafferentation upon levels of LH-RH in brain, cerebrospinal fluid, and plasma was studied in adult male rats. Deafferentation produced a significant increase in the LH-RH concentration of third ventricular CSF (from 140.6 to 343.9 pg/microl), while there was no change in median eminence or hypothalamic content. LH-RH in the(More)
We define the notion of rotations on infinite binary trees, and construct an irrational tree rotation with bounded distortion. This lifts naturally to a Lipschitz circle homeomorphism having the middle-thirds Cantor set as its minimal set. This degree of smoothness is best possible, since it is known that no C 1 circle diffeomor-phism can have a linearly(More)
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