Brian P. Suomela

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The MEDLINE database contains over 12 million references to scientific literature, with about 3/4 of recent articles including an abstract of the publication. Retrieval of entries using queries with keywords is useful for human users that need to obtain small selections. However, particular analyses of the literature or database developments may need the(More)
DNA Microarrays are used to simultaneously measure the levels of thousands of mRNAs in a sample. We illustrate here that a collection of such measurements in different cell types and states is a sound source of functional predictions, provided the microarray experiments are analogous and the cell samples are appropriately diverse. We have used this approach(More)
Many problems in statistics, finance, biology, pharmacology, physics, mathematics, economics, and chemistry involve determination of the global minimum of multidimensional functions. R packages for different stochastic methods such as genetic algorithms and differential evolution have been developed and successfully used in the R community. Based on Tsallis(More)
The chromosomes of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana contain various genomic elements, distributed with appreciable spatial heterogeneity. Clustering of and/or correlations between these elements presumably should reflect underlying functional or structural factors. We studied the positional density fluctuations and correlations between genes, indels, single(More)
MOTIVATION: It would be useful to be able to retrieve a ranked publication list relevant to topics of interest. METHODOLOGY: This novel approach uses semantics built into the Medical SubHeading (MeSH) hierarchy. A training set of papers is constructed, each annotated with MeSH terms of interest (e.g. Stem Cell or some child in its subtree). Frequencies of(More)
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