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Ambient obscurance (AO) produces perceptually important illumination effects such as darkened corners, cracks, and wrinkles; proximity darkening; and contact shadows. We present the AO algorithm from the Alchemy engine used at Vicarious Visions in commercial games. It is based on a new derivation of screen-space obscurance for robustness, and the insight(More)
This paper describes a novel filter for simulating motion blur phenomena in real time by applying ideas from offline stochastic reconstruction. The filter operates as a 2D post-process on a conventional framebuffer augmented with a screen-space velocity buffer. We demonstrate results on video game scenes rendered and reconstructed in real-time on NVIDIA(More)
In this paper, we present refinements to dual paraboloid shadow mapping algorithm from Brabec, et. al. This work makes the algorithm practical for broader use in video games. We give solutions for the tessellation constraints on shadow casters and receivers present in the original work. We also discuss heuristics for splitting plane placement and pitfalls(More)
The purpose of this case report is to educate fellow anesthesiologists of a complicated differential diagnosis for sudden cardiovascular collapse after spinal anesthesia. We report a case where anaphylaxis occurred while under spinal anesthesia and resulted in difficult resuscitation. A 58-year-old woman undergoing bilateral knee replacements under spinal(More)
As of mid-October 2014, the ongoing Ebola epidemic in Western Africa has affected approximately 10,000 patients, approached a 50% mortality rate, and crossed political and geographic borders without precedent. The disease has spread throughout Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Isolated cases have arrived in urban centers in Europe and North America. The(More)
The rise in office-based interventional vascular laboratories in recent years was prompted in part by expedient ambulatory patient experience and favorable outpatient procedural reimbursement. While studies have shown that clinical safety and treatment efficacy can be achieved in office-based vascular facilities, critics have raised various concerns due to(More)
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