Brian O'Donovan

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OBJECTIVE Identification of a particular cause of meningoencephalitis can be challenging owing to the myriad bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that can produce overlapping clinical phenotypes, frequently delaying diagnosis and therapy. Metagenomic deep sequencing (MDS) approaches to infectious disease diagnostics are known for their ability to(More)
The improvement of business processes has recently emerged as one of the top business priorities for IT, and Business Process Management (BPM) is currently being seen as the best way to deliver process improvements. This research explores the enablers of BPM success, expanding on the Rose-mann, de Bruin and Power theoretical BPM success model [1].(More)
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3 Acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of the potential of informating Abstract Zuboff contended that informating would require new forms of skill and knowledge to take advantage of the potential of informating. This paper addresses some of the implications of this contention. In order to do so, this paper extracts from her work, two(More)
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