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Infection by the parapoxvirus orf virus causes proliferative skin lesions in which extensive capillary proliferation and dilation are prominent histological features. This infective phenotype may be linked to a unique virus-encoded factor, a distinctive new member of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) family of molecules. We constructed a(More)
During the 1990s, emphasis on the health and safety of people who exercise in hot, humid conditions increased and many organizations became aware of the need for protection against heat-related disorders. A practical, pre-cooling strategy applicable to several sporting codes, which is low cost, easy to use, light-weight and which enhances cooling of the(More)
Sporting compression garments (CG) are used widely during exercise despite little evidence of benefits. The purpose of this study was to investigate coverage and pressure effects of full-body CG on cardiovascular and thermoregulatory function at rest and during prolonged exercise, and on exercise performance. Twelve recreationally trained male cyclists(More)
The performance of garments for outdoor activity was compared. Three fabrics, each in garments for the upper body, matched garment/wearer dimensions, were worn by 10 athletically 'well-trained' males under controlled conditions (hot 32 +/- 2 degrees C, 20 +/- 2% relative humidity (RH); cold 8 +/- 2 degrees C, 40 +/- 2% RH) with physical (instrumental) and(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to determine the injury rates of a Men's Varsity Ice Hockey team over six-years. Data on ice hockey injury rates and profile continue to increase in the hope of assisting with injury prevention. METHODS The University of British Columbia Men's Varsity team has been followed prospectively over a six-year period. All(More)
UNLABELLED How garments contribute to performance of the clothing system during wear is of interest, as is understanding the value of using fabric properties to inform end-use characteristics. To investigate the influences of layering upper-body garments, four fabrics were used to construct two first-layer garments (wool and polyester) and two outer-layer(More)
AIMS To establish the rate of, and identify circumstances surrounding, pretibial injury in patients aged 50 years and over. METHODS The rate of pretibial injury was estimated from national hospital discharge data from the New Zealand Health Information Service (NZHIS) National Minimum Dataset (1986-1999), and estimates of New Zealand s resident(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the effect on plasma triglycerides of removing most of the extrinsic sugar from the diet of free living hypertriglyceridaemic individuals while controlling weight loss. DESIGN Free living subjects were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups. The intervention group undertook to consume a "sugar free' diet for six months(More)
Stab injuries and fatalities have been reported to be the most common crimes of violence in several countries, particularly in those where access to firearms is restricted [J.M. Taupin, F.-P. Adolf, J. Robertson, Examination of damage to textiles, in: J. Robertson, M. Grieve (Eds.), Forensic Examination of Fibres, CRC Press, United States of America, 1999,(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the ventilatory characteristics of vented and non-vented helmets for use in forestry harvesting operations. A ventilation index developed by Birnbaum and Crockford (1978) was used to determine the ventilation capacity of twelve helmets varying in design and presence, location, and dimension of vents. Helmets(More)