Brian Nickerson

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Designing high-performance LU factorization for modern hybrid multi/many-core systems requires highly-tuned BLAS subroutines, hiding communication latency and balancing the load across devices of variable processing capabilities. In this paper we show how single-precision LU factorization is accelerated on Intel ® MIC(Many Integrated Core) architecture in(More)
The Open Community Runtime (OCR) is a new runtime system designed to meet the needs of extreme-scale computing. While there is growing support for the idea that future execution models will be based on dynamic tasks, there is little agreement on what else should be included. OCR minimally adds events for synchronization and relocatable data-blocks for data(More)
State-Aid Cancer Clinics in South Carolina provide outpatient services for medically indigent patients who have a diagnosed cancer or a suspicious Pap smear and who are referred by a physician. The program pays only for outpatient services provided in one of the nine cancer clinic hospitals. Professional services, transportation and inpatient services are(More)
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