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Test Anxiety and Academic Performance in Undergraduate and Graduate Students.
This study investigated the relationship between test anxiety and academic performance in 4,000 undergraduate and 1,414 graduate students and found a significant but small inverse relationshipExpand
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The Value of Childcare: Class, Gender and Caring Labour
Despite increasing attention being paid to early childhood services as the foundation for lifelong learning, one issue seems to be consistently ignored — staff wages. The authors argue that thisExpand
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Integrity and Presidential Approval, 1980–2000
Do individuals' assessments of the president's integrity consistently affect their evaluations of his job performance? Previous research suggests that they might, but extant studies typically do notExpand
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A Gender Gap in Policy Representation in the U.S. Congress
In the first article to evaluate the equality of dyadic policy representation experienced by women, we assess the congruence between U.S. House members' roll-call votes and the policy preferences ofExpand
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The Polls: Presidential Traits and Job Approval: Some Aggregate‐Level Evidence
In a previous article in this journal, Cohen (2001) introduced time series measures of public perceptions of Bill Clinton's personal characteristics. Here, I explore the political impact of theseExpand
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Decreasing the Economy’s Impact on Evaluations of the President: An Experiment on Attribution Framing
In December 2007, the United States entered the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. (1) As the economy contracted, unemployment rose from 4.7% in late 2007 to 7.8% by January,Expand
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Systeme d'urgence des services de communications personnelles (pcs) pour l'identification et la notification d'un emplacement d'abonne
L'invention concerne un systeme de communications hertziennes utilisant des frequences attribuees aux services de communications personnelles (PCS) (100) ainsi que les moyens techniques du systemeExpand
Knowledge Flow Modeling and Analysis with Focus on Enabling Actions and Decisions within the Business Process
This paper examines current approaches to knowledge flow analysis and modeling and their ability to drive a shared understanding among business managers, knowledge managers, and knowledge engineers.Expand