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The extent of racemization of aspartic acid in the dentin of healthy, carious and impacted teeth was used to define the ages of individuals at the time of their death. These determinations were performed with an error of +/- 4 years. This method holds the promise of simplifying procedures in, and extending the application of forensic odontology. The current(More)
Many exploited reef fish are vulnerable to overfishing because they concentrate over hard-bottom patchy habitats. How mobile reef fish use patchy habitat, and the potential consequences on demographic parameters, must be known for spatially explicit population dynamics modeling, for discriminating essential fish habitat (EFH), and for effectively planning(More)
A mesophilic yeast, Candida utilis, and a psychrophilic yeast, Leucosporidium stokesii, were subjected to freeze-thaw cycling over the range 25 to -60 C. Viability after freeze-thaw stress was directly correlated with the rate of cooling and the physiological age of the cultures. Rates of glucose fermentation and oxidation could be directly correlated with(More)
An organic heteropolymer (Titan tholin) was produced by continuous dc discharge through a 0.9 N2/0.1 CH4 gas mixture at 0.2 mbar pressure, roughly simulating the cloudtop atmosphere of Titan. Treatment of this tholin with 6N HCl yielded 16 amino acids by gas chromatography after derivatization of N-trifluroacetyl isopropyl esters on two different capillary(More)
A dark reddish organic solid, called tholin, is synthesized from simulated Titanian atmospheres by irradiation with high energy electrons in a plasma discharge. The visible reflection spectrum of this tholin is found to be similar to that of high altitude aerosols responsible for the albedo and reddish color of Titan. The real (n) and imaginary (k) parts(More)
Lunar fines and a chip from inside a rock pyrolyzed in helium at 700 degrees C gave methane, other gases, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Benzene/methanol extracts of fines yielded traces of high molecular weight alkanes and sulfur. Traces of glycine, alanine, ethanolamine, and urea were found in aqueous extracts. Biological controls and a terrestrial rock,(More)
An Early Precambrian micaceous metaquartzite subjected to low to moderate metamorphism in the Isua area of Southwestern Greenland was derived from the erosion of preexisting rocks which were probably sialic in composition. This metaquartzite may have been formed before the emergence of life. It contains globular particles of graphite arranged in narrow(More)
Variations in the atmospheric composition of soil samples were monitored by mass spectrometry after the addition of mixtures of D- and L-carbohydrates and/or amino acids. The changes in concentrations of CO2 in these experiments were found to be related to the steroisomeric configurations of the compounds with which the soil samples were enriched. The(More)