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The Panasas file system uses parallel and redundant access to object storage devices (OSDs), per-file RAID, distributed metadata management, consistent client caching, file locking services, and internal cluster management to provide a scalable, fault tolerant, high performance distributed file system. The clustered design of the storage system and the use(More)
This paper presents a practical solution to a problem facing high-fan-in, high-bandwidth synchronized TCP workloads in datacenter Ethernets---the TCP incast problem. In these networks, receivers can experience a drastic reduction in application throughput when simultaneously requesting data from many servers using TCP. Inbound data overfills small switch(More)
In order to achieve high performance, contemporary microprocessors must effectively process the four major instruction types: ALU, branch, load, and store instructions. This paper focuses on the reduction of load instruction execution latency. Load execution latency is dependent on memory access latency, pipeline depth, and data dependencies. Through load(More)
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