Brian Mott

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We constructed a 24-pixel bolometer camera operating in the 350- and 450-μm atmospheric windows for the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO). This instrument uses a monolithic silicon bolometer array that is cooled to approximately 300 mK by a single-shot (3)He refrigerator. First-stage amplification is provided by field-effect transistors at(More)
When combining decisions made by two separate visual cognition systems, statistical means such as simple average (M 1) and weighted average (M 2 and M 3), incorporating the confidence level of each of these systems have been used. Although combination using these means can improve each of the individual systems, it is not known when and why this can happen.(More)
This study examined the functioning of facilitation and suppression in visual selective attention in adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Electrophysiological data were examined in control adults and adults with ADHD during a cued visual spatial selective attention task where in addition to directing attention, the cue(More)
BACKGROUND Strains from a collection of Drosophila GFP protein trap lines express GFP in the normal tissues where the endogenous protein is present. This collection can be used to screen for proteins distributed in the nucleus in a non-uniform pattern. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We analyzed four lines that show peripheral or punctate nuclear staining.(More)
CSP), this collection represents a further step in the same direction. As the ones before it, this volume aims to bring together researchers in the rich field of English phonetics, and provide them with a forum for exchanging ideas and research experience. The 18 contributors to this volume come from different linguistic and academic backgrounds, and from 9(More)
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