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Decision-making tasks that are based on perception have been performed routinely by human beings in daily life and decision-makers in daily work. It has been observed that the combination of two perception-based decisions could be better than one, provided that the decision-makers communicate with each other and jointly adopt the most confident judgment;(More)
The production of circulating blood cells from bone marrow stem cells during hematopoiesis is accompanied by overall changes in gene expression which cause production of required functional proteins, such as hemoglobin in erythroid cells, as well as control of cell growth, preventing apoptosis of differentiating cells. Hematopoietic gene regulation is(More)
When combining decisions made by two separate visual cognition systems, statistical means such as simple average (M 1) and weighted average (M 2 and M 3), incorporating the confidence level of each of these systems have been used. Although combination using these means can improve each of the individual systems, it is not known when and why this can happen.(More)
BACKGROUND Strains from a collection of Drosophila GFP protein trap lines express GFP in the normal tissues where the endogenous protein is present. This collection can be used to screen for proteins distributed in the nucleus in a non-uniform pattern. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We analyzed four lines that show peripheral or punctate nuclear staining.(More)
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