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An asymmetry of basal ganglia dopaminergic function has been demonstrated in rats and related to both spontaneous and drug-induced rotation. An electronic device that measures the same kind of rotational movements in humans has been developed, and we have utilized this "rotometer" to study spontaneous rotational movement in prepubertal children. There was(More)
Satellite remote sensing is an important tool for monitoring the status of biodiversity and associated environmental parameters, including certain elements of habitats. However, satellite data are currently underused within the biodiversity research and conservation communities. Three factors have significant impact on the utility of remote sensing data for(More)
1 ABSTRACT The goal of this project is to explore a system that automatically generates objective scores, or rankings, for both video and image advertisements. For the image advertisements, the use of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) is explored and compared to baseline methods such as, hand-crafted features and Support Vector Machines (SVMs). For the(More)
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