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This special issue presents research concerning multistable perception in different sensory modalities. Multistability occurs when a single physical stimulus produces alternations between different subjective percepts. Multistability was first described for vision, where it occurs, for example, when different stimuli are presented to the two eyes or for(More)
– A CMOS voltage reference using compensation of mobility and threshold voltage temperature effects is proposed. In this reference, the nested connection of two NMOS transistors supplies a voltage with positive temperature coefficient, and the diode-connected NMOS transistor supplies a voltage with negative temperature coefficient. These two circuits are(More)
Dementia associated with probable Alzheimer's disease (AD) is one of the most common types of dementia. Patients with AD often have cholinergic deficits in association with the disease. The cholinesterase inhibitors donepezil hydrochloride, galantamine hydrobromide, and rivastigmine tartrate are the current mainstays of symptomatic treatment for patients(More)
People with Down syndrome (DS) develop Alzheimer's disease (AD) with an early age of onset. A tetranucleotide repeat, attt(5-8), in intron 7 of the amyloid precursor protein has been associated with the age of onset of AD in DS in a preliminary study. The authors examine the impact of this polymorphism in a larger cohort of individuals with DS. Adults with(More)
Over a typical career piano tuners spend tens of thousands of hours exploring a specialized acoustic environment. Tuning requires accurate perception and adjustment of beats in two-note chords that serve as a navigational device to move between points in previously learned acoustic scenes. It is a two-stage process that depends on the following: first,(More)
These experiments were designed to assess the importance of different types of information which might be used in detecting intensity changes for pure tones. Thresholds for detecting an intensity change, expressed as 10 log (delta I/I), were measured over a wide range of frequencies and levels under conditions where one or more sources of information was(More)
These experiments examine the influence of excitation-pattern cues and temporal-fine-structure cues on frequency difference limens (FDLs) measured as a function of duration. In the first three conditions, listeners were required to detect a change in carrier frequency from a baseline of 250 or 2000 Hz, for stimuli with half-amplitude durations ranging from(More)
The traditionally wired interfaces of many electronic systems are in many applications being replaced by wireless interfaces. Testing of electronic systems (both integrated circuits and printed circuit boards) still requires physical electrical contact through probe needles and/or sockets. This paper addresses the state-of-the-art, options, and(More)
The perception of modulation of a tone interrupted by a noise burst was investigated. The tone and its modulation were perceived as continuing through the noise. In experiment 1, subjects rated the similarity of an uninterrupted tone and a tone interrupted by noise, in terms of the perceived level and modulation depth of the sinusoidal carrier. The values(More)
A non-contact method for parallel testing of System-in-Package (SiP) assemblies is presented. This technology allows for JTAG testing of partially or fully populated SiPs in wafer form, in advance of final packaging. The technology utilizes non-contact GHz short-range, near field communications to transfer bi-directional data to SiP substrates; creating a(More)