Brian Mellor

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In this paper, the concept of multimodal human-computer interaction is explored. It is proposed that multimodality can be de"ned from human or technology perspectives, which place emphasis on di!erent attributes of the system. Furthermore, in this paper it is argued that the most e!ective de"nition of multimodality concentrates on task and goal(More)
Previous research has indicated that workload can have an adverse effect on the use of speech recognition systems. In this paper, the relationship between workload and speech is discussed, and two studies are reported. In the first study, time-stress is considered. In the second study, dual-task performance is considered. Both studies show workload to(More)
This paper reports on an investigation into the basic properties and requirements of automatic speech recognition as an input device to a trial human computer interface. The experiments required subjects to carry out a simulated target acquisition and report filling task, with the available input devices being automatic speech recognition, trackball,(More)
Previous research has found that using manually-operated mobile phones while driving significantly increases the risk of a collision. It has been suggested that automatic speech recognition (ASR) interfaces may reduce the interference between the tasks of phoning and driving. A laboratory experiment was designed to examine this hypothesis, and also to(More)
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