Brian McMillan

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OBJECTIVE This study investigated the daily hassles-eating behavior relationship and its moderators in a naturalistic setting. DESIGN A multilevel diary design was used to examine day-to-day within-person effects of daily hassles on eating behavior (N = 422), together with the individual and simultaneous influence of potential moderating variables. MAIN(More)
This study employed the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) to investigate the factors underlying intentions and frequency of use of cannabis over a three-month period in a population of students (N = 249). In addition, several hypotheses in relation to the TPB were investigated. The TPB provided good predictions of both intentions (R2 = 0.653; attitude,(More)
BACKGROUND There is an established link between socioeconomic status (SES) and performance of health behaviors with more health protective and fewer health-risking behaviors in higher SES groups. PURPOSE This research is novel in testing the moderating effect of SES on the relationship among intention, self-efficacy, and subsequent behavior. METHODS(More)
Four hundred and twenty-two employees completed daily diaries measuring positive affect, negative affect, work hours, and health behaviors (snacking, smoking, exercise, alcohol, caffeine consumption) on work days over a 4-week period. In addition, measures of job demands, job control, and social support (iso-strain variables) were completed on 1 occasion.(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the impact of anticipated regret within the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) on intentions of adolescents to initiate smoking. To examine the moderating role of anticipated regret and intention stability on the relationship between intentions and smoking initiation in adolescents. METHODS We conducted two studies measuring(More)
BACKGROUND The views of fathers have been shown to be important determinants of infant feeding decisions, but men's perceptions of breastfeeding and formula feeding are rarely explored. Our objectives were to address this gap and examine cultural associations and beliefs concerning infant feeding practices among men. METHODS Five focus groups were(More)
Sucralfate is used to induce healing of gastrointestinal tract ulcers. We evaluated its potential utility in the healing of skin wounds. Initial experiments examined the effects of the sucralfate on proliferation of cultured dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Sucralfate induced proliferation in quiescent cultures of both cell types. Additionally,(More)
The Looking at Infant Feeding Today (LIFT) study examined the factors underlying the infant feeding choices of first-time mothers in the Leeds and Bradford areas of England experiencing material hardship, with a view to informing interventions aimed at increasing breastfeeding uptake amongst this group. This short report describes the novel methodology used(More)
Antigen arthritis in rabbits was associated with induction of bradykinin B1 receptors in isolated aorta smooth muscle 24 h following intra-articular injection of antigen in sensitized animals. Control tissues developed responsiveness to desArg9-bradykinin or bradykinin during 3 h incubation, but failed to respond to either kinin at the beginning of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study investigated the impact of conscientiousness and its facets on health behaviors and daily hassles (stressors) and the moderating effects of conscientiousness on the hassles-health behavior relationship METHODS Four hundred and twenty-two employees completed daily diaries over 4 weeks. Day-to-day within-person effects of(More)