Brian McKinney

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The design of peptide mimetic compounds is greatly facilitated by the identification of functionalities that can act as peptide replacements. The fluoroalkene moiety has recently been employed for that purpose. The purpose of this work is to examine the conformational ramifications of replacing peptide bonds with fluoroalkene moieties, thus generating(More)
RESEARCH INTERESTS The research focuses on the application of molecular modeling techniques to problems in Physical Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry such as conformational analysis, solvation, reactivity, and binding affinity. The systems currently under study are analogs to proteins generated by the incorporation of non-natural amino acids or replacements(More)
The VDC Scorecard was created to provide AEC professionals with a holistic, quantitative, practical and adaptive approach to evaluate and track VDC performance. The scoring covers the four major Areas of VDC Planning, Adoption, Technology and Performance, and the overall score is measured on a percentage scale that reflects the project performance relative(More)
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