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There are challenges to the dominant research paradigm in breast cancer science. In the United States, science and social activism create paradigmatic shifts. Using interviews, ethnographic observations, and an extensive review of the literature, we create a three-dimensional model to situate changes in scientific controversy concerning environmental causes(More)
Three school library staff members explore how they have used table-top games in different school library settings. Teresa Copeland (Tes-seract School, Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA) explores how tabletop and role-playing games have been integrated into the curriculum across a wide variety of grade levels. Brenda Henderson (Trinity High School Learning(More)
COURSE DESCRIPTION I have designed this course to introduce graduate students to the field of environmental sociology. We will spend the first ten weeks of class getting acquainted with major areas of debate in environmental sociology through 'classic' journal articles and synthetic review articles. In the last five weeks of the semester, we will then build(More)
The alternate and optimized syntheses of the parent opioid fentanyl and its analogs are described. The routes presented exhibit high-yielding transformations leading to these powerful analgesics after optimization studies were carried out for each synthetic step. The general three-step strategy produced a panel of four fentanyls in excellent yields (73-78%)(More)
Course Overview This environmental sociology course is designed to provide students with a thorough, comprehensive understanding of the key theories, literature, and issues in environmental sociology. It is most appropriate for Ph.D. students seeking further research in environmental sociology, as well as graduate students and advanced undergraduates with a(More)
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