Brian Mathies

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Presentation of a case of algodystrophy (i.e., Sudeck's dystrophy) of the left knee, affecting the femur, tibia and patella. It was brought on by a simple movement made while playing tennis and it recurred subsequently accompanied by algodystrophy of the corresponding foot. Histological study of the biopsy material showed the classical image of cortical and(More)
  • B Mathies
  • 2006
This was a pilot, single blind, randomised, controlled study in patients requiring partial meniscectomy. The aim was to assess whether replacing the synovial fluid lost during arthroscopy with a hyaluronic acid-containing synovial fluid substitute (Viscoseal) would reduce the severity and duration of post-operative symptoms during the 4 weeks post-surgery,(More)
This paper describes a recently implemented program that very rapidly generates control paths for different variants of the constituent processing elements of a particular massively parallel machine; the NON-VON Supercomputer. The program, called PLATO, accepts as input a set of instruction opcodes, together with associated control information, and produces(More)
Sciatic block with Mepivacaine (3-4 mg/kg) revealed successful in 91.9% of 340 rheumatoid patients with Keller/Clayton operation. In unsufficient blocks (8.1%) supplementary anesthesia by femoral nerve block, reblocking the sciatic nerve or local anesthetics secondarily gave good operating conditions. In three cases it was necessary to use additional spinal(More)
The family of 2 men with X-linked mental retardation was investigated for the presence of the marker-X chromosome and macro-orchidism. Lymphocyte cultures were set up in media F-10 and 199. Chromosomes were G-band-stained and slides coded for blind analysis. Marker-X chromosomes and autosomal gaps were seen only in cultures prepared with medium 199.(More)
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