Brian M McMullen

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The Reconstruction Conjecture is one of the most important open problems in graph theory today. Proposed in 1942, the conjecture posits that every simple, finite, undirected graph with three or more vertices can be uniquely reconstructed up to isomorphism given the multiset of subgraphs produced by deleting each vertex of the original graph. Although proven(More)
The maximum amounts of phenanthrene that can be taken up in both the slowly desorbing domain and the very slowly desorbing domain of 19 soils and sediments were determined by measuring the desorption of phenanthrene added at high loadings associated with equilibrium concentrations in water close to the aqueous solubility of phenanthrene. For two soils and(More)
The potential costs to irrigators, the state economy and the state budget were estimated for different methods of reducing consumptive use (CU) of irrigation water in the Platte and Republican Basins. The policy methods considered included: leased retirement of irrigated land using a willing buyer-willing seller approach; required land retirement with lease(More)
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