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Surgical Robotic Applications in Otolaryngology
The feasibility of performing endo‐robotic neck surgery in a porcine model and the results of robotically enhanced endoscopic surgery with those from a conventional endoscopic technique are explored. Expand
Endo‐robotic resection of the submandibular gland in a cadaver model
The feasibility of performing endo‐robotic resection of the submandibular gland in a cadaver model is evaluated and the results of robotically enhanced endoscopic surgery with those from a conventional endoscopic technique are compared. Expand
Back pain in the pediatric and adolescent athlete.
Accurate diagnosis and management of back pain not only can prevent long-term deformity and disability, but it can also allow young athletes to return to doing what they love to do most: play sports. Expand
Long-term follow-up of the surgical management of neuropathic arthropathy of the spine.
It is recommended that Charcot spine well tolerated without skin, seating problems, or dysreflexia should be cautiously observed with conservative management and three-column stabilization with either combined anterior-posterior or all posterior approaches with anterior support to obtain and secure greater long-term stability. Expand
Massive pulmonary pseudotumor.
A case of a massive pseudotumor opacifying one third of the right hemithorax on a frontal radiograph that resolved with medical management over 8 weeks proves that even a massive pulmonary pseudOTumor will resolve with conservative management. Expand
Nonoperative Treatment of an Unstable Jefferson Fracture Using a Cervical Collar
The treatment of unstable burst fractures of the atlas (Jefferson fractures) is controversial. Unstable Jefferson fractures have been managed successfully with either immobilization, typically haloExpand
Effect of anterior cruciate healing on the uninjured ligament insertion site
It is suggested that fibroblasts and osteoclasts mediate histologic changes at the insertion site during bioenhanced suture repair of the ACL which may prevent insertion site degeneration, and that the magnitude of these changes may be a function of skeletal maturity. Expand
Surgical Management of Multijoint Septic Arthritis due to Rat-Bite Fever in a Pediatric Patient: A Case Study
A pediatric case of delayed onset septic arthritis in the left wrist and right knee due to S. moniliformis from a rat bite is reported, demonstrating the importance of a thorough exposure history and consideration of zoonotic infections as a cause of septicthritis in a pediatric patient that requires antibiotics and surgical intervention. Expand
Intra-articular fractures of the distal end of the radius in young adults: reexamined as evidence-based and outcomes medicine.
Given the impact of the study on the standard of care and orthopaedic research, it is appropriate to critically review its methodology to determine whether the findings remain relevant today. Expand
Immature animals have higher cellular density in the healing anterior cruciate ligament than adolescent or adult animals
Animal age had a significant effect on the density of cells populating the ACL wound site, and whether this observed cellular difference has an effects on the later biomechanical function of the repaired ACL requires further study. Expand