Brian Lyons

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Nonenzymatic post-translational modification (PTM) of proteins is a fundamental molecular process of aging. The combination of various modifications and their accumulation with age not only affects function, but leads to crosslinking and protein aggregation. In this study, aged human lens proteins were examined using HPLC-tandem mass spectrometry and a(More)
Scientific workflows are gaining popularity, and repositories of workflows are starting to emerge. In this paper we describe <i>TopicsExplorer</i>, a data exploration approach for <i></i>, a collaborative platform for the exchange of scientific workflows and experimental plans. Our approach uses a variant of topic modeling with <i>tags</i>(More)
Some amino acids are particularly susceptible to degradation in long-lived proteins. Foremost among these are asparagine, aspartic acid and serine. In the case of serine residues, cleavage of the peptide bond on the N-terminal side, as well as racemisation, has been observed. To investigate the role of the hydroxyl group, and whether cleavage and(More)
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