Brian Lyons

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This study presents a meta-analysis of 25 individual differences proposed to be related to effective leadership, with an emphasis on comparing trait-like (e.g. personality and intelligence) to state-like individual differences (e.g. knowledge and skills). The results indicate that although both trait-like (achievement motivation, energy, dominance,(More)
Anecdotal evidence suggests that organizations are increasingly concerned with employee off-duty deviance (ODD), yet management research has rarely investigated this type of deviant behavior. We define ODD as behaviors committed outside the workplace or when off-duty that are deviant by organizational and/or societal standards, jeopardize the employee's(More)
Scientific workflows are gaining popularity, and repositories of workflows are starting to emerge. In this paper we describe <i>TopicsExplorer</i>, a data exploration approach for <i></i>, a collaborative platform for the exchange of scientific workflows and experimental plans. Our approach uses a variant of topic modeling with <i>tags</i>(More)
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