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PURPOSE To compare multiple strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and representative isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and Serratia marcescens for their relative primary adhesion to a high Dk silicone hydrogel lens (36% H2O) with that of a HEMA-type lens (58% H2O). METHODS A radiolabeled cell procedure with a 2-h cell exposure was employed for enumerating(More)
Biopsies of soft tissue with visible ceramic particles were removed from the coronal part of grafted sites during reentry surgery. After 1 year there was evidence of osteoid forming alongside and within many of the ceramic particles. Viable fragments of mature bone were also observed separate from the ceramic material.
Keratoscopic study of corneal curvature before and after accommodation in two common bird species failed to provide evidence of a corneal accommodative mechanism. Accommodative changes in refractive state measured retinoscopically are presumably brought about by the effect of ciliary muscle contraction on lens curvature. However, retinoscopic and(More)
Contact lenses for correction of refractive error provide for one of the safest and most effective methods of intervention of any of the medical devices. Despite the relatively low incidence of adverse outcomes, when these do occur they may be associated with serious morbidity. Consistent with this risk, albeit relatively low, the industry has made great(More)
PURPOSE Recent reports of disproportionate outbreaks of microbial keratitis caused by Fusarium solani have led to the removal of the Bausch & Lomb multipurpose lens care solution ReNu With MoistureLoc ("MoistureLoc") from the global market. Previous studies have shown an increased risk of contact lens-related corneal infection in connection with overnight(More)
This study was carried out to determine if particle size is a factor to be considered in the evaluation of the osteogenic activity of freeze-dried bone allografts (FDBA) and, if so, whether small particles enhance or inhibit osteogenesis. Small particle FDBA (100-300 microns) plus marrow and large particle FDBA (1000-2000 microns) plus marrow were placed in(More)
A relationship between in vitro rate of oxidation by N-bromosuccinimide (NBS) and the pharmacologic activity (pA2) of different beta-adrenergic blockers for different blocking agent-tissue combinations has been studied. The rates of oxidation of the alcoholic group in the drugs by NBS, as well as their molecular conformations as represented by molecular(More)
Previous authors have suggested that in certain aquatic birds a transparent nictitating membrane of high refractive index could compensate for the refractive loss of the cornea in water. Measurements of refractive indices, refractive state and curvature carried out on a number of aquatic birds indicate that the nictitating membrane does not have a(More)
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