Brian Leslie

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The amino acid sequence of a type 1 copper protein, the 96-residue basic blue protein from cucumber seedlings, has been determined by Edman degradation of the intact molecule and of fragments produced by cleavage with cyanogen bromide and with trypsin. The cucumber basic blue protein shows a marked sequence homology with stellacyanin, and to a smaller(More)
The idea behind the marine cloud-brightening (MCB) geoengineering technique is that seeding marine stratocumulus clouds with copious quantities of roughly monodisperse sub-micrometre sea water particles might significantly enhance the cloud droplet number concentration, and thereby the cloud albedo and possibly longevity. This would produce a cooling, which(More)
Treatment of Quadrol buffer with isothiocyanatophenylthiocarbamylaminoethylaminopropyl glass (DITC glass) substantially reduces the impurities observed when this buffer is used with the spinning cup sequenator. Use of DITC glass-treated Quadrol buffer permits identification of PTH-amino acids from protein degradations down to 100 pmol.
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