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PREMIS Implementers' Group discussion list: pig@loc.gov. To subscribe, send email to listserv@loc.gov with the message, "subscribe pig [your name]" Please send comments and questions to premis@loc.gov. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Background In June 2003, OCLC and RLG jointly sponsored the formation of the PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation(More)
  • Brian Lavoie, Ed O 'neill, Oclc Meg, Bellinger Oclc, Nancy Elkington, Rlg Membership +13 others
  • 2001
In March 2000, OCLC and RLG announced their commitment to collaborate on identifying and supporting best practices for the long-term retention of digital objects. This collaboration would take the form of facilitating consensus-building activity among key stakeholders in the area of digital preservation: in other words, bringing together leading experts to(More)
Reproduction of substantial portions of this publication must contain the OCLC copyright notice. Preservation metadata is the information infrastructure that supports the processes associated with digital preservation. More specifically, it is the information necessary to maintain the viability, renderability, and understandability of digital resources over(More)
Waters for reviewing an earlier draft of this paper. Their comments and suggestions greatly improved the final version. We would also like to thank the attendees of the CNI 2014 Spring Meeting project briefing to whom we presented the ideas discussed in this paper. We appreciate their lively engagement. The ways and means of conducting scholarly inquiry are(More)