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BACKGROUND Multiple congenital melanocytic naevi (CMN) in one individual are caused by somatic mosaicism for NRAS mutations; however, the lineage of the mutated cells remains uncertain. OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that CMN may be derived from cutaneous stem cells. METHODS Sixty-six CMN samples from 44 patients were stained for immunohistochemical(More)
This experiment was designed as a test of the 1993 findings of Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky who reported a positive effect of listening to classical music on spatial reasoning. Present results do not demonstrate the "Mozart effect." In our study, 114 students were pretested on items from the Raven's Progressive Matrices--Advanced Form, then instructed to listen(More)
Immune responses diminish with age resulting in an increased susceptibility of the elderly to infectious agents and an inability to mount protective immune responses to vaccines. Immunosenescence affects multiple aspects of the immune system, including CD8(+) T cells, which control viral infections and are assumed to prevent the development of cancers. In(More)
We found, in a museum collection of skeletons, nine adult hips with untreated slipped capital femoral epiphyses. All the specimens were from men, five black and two white. Their mean age at death was 44 years. Seven of the femora were retroverted beyond neutral and five had true varus deformities. Osteoarthritis was detected in eight of the hips and the(More)
Aging-related bradykinesia affects ∼ 15% of those reaching age 65 and 50% of those reaching their 80s. Given this high risk and lack of pharmacologic therapeutics, noninvasive lifestyle strategies should be identified to diminish its risk and identify the neurobiological targets to reduce aging-related bradykinesia. Early-life, long-term calorie restriction(More)
The fungal vacuole is a large acidified organelle that performs a variety of cellular functions. At least a sub-set of these functions are crucial for pathogenic species of fungi, such as Candida albicans, to survive within and invade mammalian tissue as mutants with severe defects in vacuolar biogenesis are avirulent. We therefore sought to identify(More)
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