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The web today is increasingly characterized by social and real-time signals, which we believe represent two frontiers in information retrieval. In this paper, we present Early bird, the core retrieval engine that powers Twitter's real-time search service. Although Early bird builds and maintains inverted indexes like nearly all modern retrieval engines, its(More)
The present study focused on the hypothesis that dietary supplementation with medium-chain TAG (MCT) will improve cognitive function in aged dogs by providing the brain with energy in the form of ketones. Aged Beagle dogs were subjected to a baseline battery of cognitive tests, which were used to establish cognitively equivalent control or treatment groups.(More)
Peer-to-peer systems such as Gnutella are resilient to failures at a single point in the network because of their decentralized nature. However an attack resulting in the removal of a small percentage of highly connected nodes could cripple such systems. We believe that distributed attack recovery is not simply a reactive process but requires proactive(More)
We investigate the structure of a function relevant to cryptography, given by f : x → x x mod p, for p a prime. We call f the self-power map. Given x, it is easy to calculate f (x) ≡ x x (mod p). However, it is thought to be difficult to quickly calculate f −1 (x x). That is, given x x ≡ c (mod p), for a fixed c, it is difficult to quickly solve for x. We(More)
algorithm, DES, was designed specifically for hardware im-Reconfigurable computing is gaining rising attention as an plementations 30 years ago. Most of the algorithms de-alternative to traditional processing for many applications. signed afterwards are very efficient in hardware as well. Data encryption and decryption is one of these applications, In(More)
This panel brings together designers of both traditional programming languages, and designers of behavioral specification languages for modeling systems, in each case with a concern for the challenges of multicore programming. Furthermore, several of these efforts have attempted to provide data-race-free programming models, so that multicore programmers(More)