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A pair of filters are called complementary filters if their transfer functions sum to one at all frequencies in a complex sense, i.e. the phase is zero and the magnitude is one. Often, it is desirable to have one of the complementary filters be a high-pass filter and the other be a low-pass filter. A computational efficient way of implementing high(More)
The behaviour of injected iodine contrast medium in a pulsative hydrodynamic model was recorded on videotape in television fluoroscopy and measured by roentgen videodensitometry. By a simple relationship between the integrated densitometric area, the amount of injected contrast medium, and the flow at the site of the injection, it was possible to compare(More)
Interferometric detection of gravitational waves at a level of astrophysical interest is expected to require measurement of optical phase differences of < or = 10(-10) rad. A fundamental limit to the phase sensing is the statistics of photon detection--Poisson statistics for light in a coherent state. We have built a laboratory-scale interferometer to(More)
In this Letter we show that interferometers with unbalanced arm lengths can be balanced using optical elements with appropriate group delays. For matched group delays of the arms, the balanced interferometer becomes insensitive to the frequency noise of the source. For experimental illustration, a ring resonator is employed as a slow-light element to(More)
The conversion factor of the image intensifier Sirecon duplex 25/15 was investigated by means of a videodensitometer for varying values of the tube potential and varying filtering of the radiation. It was found that the conversion factor can be increased by Cu filtering. By analysis of the measurement data, the spectral variation of the conversion factor(More)
Three-dimensional reconstruction of different plastic phantoms, organic material and beating human heart was achieved by utilizing a standard roentgen-television system. In continuous stabilized fluoroscopy the television images of the object obtained from different projections were digitized in real time and computerized for reconstruction. Despite a cone(More)
We characterize thermally-induced effects in an optical resonator illuminated with high-power laser radiation. From thermoelastic deformation of a mirror’s surface, we observe degeneracy of higher-order spatial modes with the fundamental mode that leads to power transmission limits and thermally-induced power fluctuations using a ring resonator with(More)