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In this paper, we describe how a research spoken dialog system was made available to the general public. The Let's Go Public spoken dialog system provides bus schedule information to the Pittsburgh population during off-peak times. This paper describes the changes necessary to make the system usable for the general public and presents analysis of the calls(More)
A light microscopic and ultrastructural analysis of lectin receptors on parietal cells from human gastric mucosa was performed utilizing 12 biotinylated lectins in conjunction with an avidin-biotin-peroxidase complex. Peanut agglutinin conjugated directly to peroxidase was also used. Several fixatives and fixation regimens were evaluated for optimal(More)
Four subjects were synchronized with activity from 07 to 23 h and were given a single oral dose of 80 mg racemic propranolol at fixed times (08, 14, 20 and 02 h) at weekly intervals. ANOVA revealed significant circadian changes in the peak propranolol concentration (Cmax), with a maximum at 08 h and a minimum at 02 h after drug intake; tmax was not(More)
This paper describes our work with Let's Go, a telephone-based bus schedule information system that has been in use by the Pittsburgh population since March 2005. Results from several studies show that while task success correlates strongly with speech recognition accuracy, other aspects of dialogue such as turn-taking, the set of error recovery strategies(More)
This paper describes work designed to improve understandability of spoken output, specifically for the elderly, by using a speaking style employed by people to improve their understandability when speaking in poor channel conditions. We describe an experiment that shows the understandability gains that are possible using naturally-produced examples of this(More)
This paper describes the MOUNTAIN language generation system , a fully-automatic, data-driven approach to natural language generation aimed at spoken dialog applications. MOUNTAIN uses statistical machine translation techniques and natural corpora to generate human-like language from a structured internal language, such as a representation of the dialog(More)
BSC-1 kidney epithelial cells derived from the African green monkey are known to express a Na+HCO3- symport (Jentsch, T. J., Schill, B. S., Schwartz, P., Matthes, H., Keller, S. K., and Wiederholt, M. (1985) J. Biol. Chem. 260, 15554-15560). In the present work, 4,4-diisothiocyanostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid (DIDS)-sensitive 22Na+ uptake into confluent(More)
In adult female anaesthetized rats, the influence of triiodothyronine or dexamethasone on renal amino acid (AA) handling was investigated in taurine (45 mg/100 g b.wt.) loaded animals. Bolus injections of taurine were followed by temporary increase in fractional excretion (FE(AA)) of taurine as well of the endogenous amino acids which were not administered.(More)