Brian L Wiens

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This paper discusses a new class of multiple testing procedures, tree-structured gatekeeping procedures, with clinical trial applications. These procedures arise in clinical trials with hierarchically ordered multiple objectives, for example, in the context of multiple dose-control tests with logical restrictions or analysis of multiple endpoints. The(More)
A general multistage (stepwise) procedure is proposed for dealing with arbitrary gatekeeping problems including parallel and serial gatekeeping. The procedure is very simple to implement since it does not require the application of the closed testing principle and the consequent need to test all nonempty intersections of hypotheses. It is based on the idea(More)
Dmitrienko et al. (Statist. Med. 2007; 26:2465-2478) proposed a tree gatekeeping procedure for testing logically related hypotheses in hierarchically ordered families, which uses weighted Bonferroni tests for all intersection hypotheses in a closure method by Marcus et al. (Biometrika 1976; 63:655-660). An algorithm was given to assign weights to the(More)
This article discusses the problem of selecting free parameters of multiple testing procedures in confirmatory Phase III clinical trials with multiple objectives, including hypothesis weights and hypothesis ordering. We identify classes of multiple testing procedures that provide different interpretations of these parameters. This includes basic single-step(More)
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