Brian L Mealey

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BACKGROUND The association between diabetes and inflammatory periodontal diseases has been studied extensively for more than 50 years. The author reviews the bidirectional relationships between diabetes and periodontal diseases. CONCLUSIONS A large evidence base suggests that diabetes is associated with an increased prevalence, extent and severity of(More)
Japan has institutions that train qualified postdoctoral students in the field of periodontics; however, Japan does not have comprehensive advanced periodontal programs and national standards for these specialty programs. To help Japanese programs move toward global standards in this area, this study was designed to describe overall differences in(More)
BACKGROUND Endosseous dental implants with rough surfaces have been designed to improve early healing, especially in areas of poor bone or insufficient bone quantity. The aim of this study was to histomorphometrically assess the bone-to-implant contact on 3 different rough-surfaced implants following guided bone regeneration. METHODS Mandibular premolars(More)
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