Brian L Matthews

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Although extraesophageal gastric reflux has been implicated as a cause of many pediatric airway and respiratory diseases, its prevalence in these conditions remains unknown due to the relative lack of sensitivity and/or specificity of traditional reflux testing methods. A prospective study of 222 children (ages 1 day to 16 years) was performed with 24-hour(More)
For this retrospective study of endoscopic sinus surgery, charts of 22 patients from a medical center and 133 patients from a private practice (N = 155) were reviewed. Preoperative complaints, clinical findings, computed tomographic evidence of extent of sinus disease, surgical outcome, possible predictors of success, and complications were considered.(More)
Laryngomalacia is the most common cause of stridor in children. Previous studies using barium esophagrams or single-probe esophageal pH testing have indicated that 68% to 80% of infants with laryngomalacia have reflux. A recent study in a large series of pediatric patients has shown that these 2 testing modalities are relatively insensitive in detecting(More)
To determine if animals are capable of utilizing vestibular sensory input for spatial orientation, a six-arm radial maze with a rotating central turntable was constructed. Sprague-Dawley rats were trained on this apparatus by rotating them without visual, auditory, or olfactory cues. Animals were required to locate a reward (located in a constant position(More)
Normal and fornix-lesioned rats were trained to find water in a version of a spatial discrimination task involving the use of a cross maze modified for interspersing rotational stimulation before the start of each trial. The central (cross) portion of the maze rested on a turntable and consisted of a covered start box opening into the intersection of the(More)
The use of a transcutaneous ultrasonic Doppler flow detector to identify the supratrochlear and superficial temporal arteries permits the design of narrow-based, thin-tipped forehead flaps for use in medial canthal and eyelid reconstruction. In the 13 cases described, the axial, vascular supply of a proposed myocutaneous forehead flap was determined with a(More)
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) otorrhea is usually associated with a history of trauma or previous surgery. Spontaneous CSF otorrhea is uncommon. When such spontaneous CSF leakage occurs, it may be associated with dural herniation, with the production of conductive hearing loss from impingement on the ossicles. This type of leakage has characteristic findings(More)
We aimed to study the haematopoietic response in normal and acidotic deliveries following vaginal and abdominal delivery and to compare this to the surrogate markers of perinatal acidosis. Blood gas analyses, complete blood pictures and erythropoietin assays were performed on umbilical or early neonatal blood samples. Placental sections were examined for(More)
The efficacy and safety of cefixime, the first oral third-generation cephalosporin, were evaluated in a multicenter clinical trial involving 118 adult patients with acute sinusitis or acute exacerbations of chronic sinusitis. Patients received a single daily dose of 400 mg of cefixime for a mean duration of 10 days; 106 patients completed a course of(More)